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With glasspop, only one person is present during subjective refraction:
Your patient

Save time


High added value tasks are prioritized, your precious human resources reassigned to them.
(Patient listening, case history, OCT, VF...)

6 minutes on average by refraction,
But 6 minutes in less on your patient waiting time,
not one second for your team!

Save money

How does it work?

With our dedicated team and powerful software tools, you will be able to create, easily and quickly, your proper algorithm of subjective refraction, tailored by and for your hand.

Build your own algorithm !


A plug and play solution

Easily integrated into your organization

  • 100% compatible with your existing Nidek devices

  • 100% compatible with your operating system

  • Tailored for your head office or satellite practicies

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Enjoy the service of a dedicated team for:

  • The study of your project​

  • The personal design of your patient workflow​

  • A top-notch after-sale service


A smart association between a young innovative team and one of the most famous and respected eye care devices manufacturer


Our partners


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